Sarah Snyder @rockinreauxfitness came to the PPBC Vegan Fit Challenge ( Spring 2020 ) after already on a weight loss journey, losing 100lbs. She started the boot camp to dial in her macro nutrition and strength training program. She worked her ass off and was a huge positive force in the group.  Here are her results. 



Weight : LOST 6 lbs          ( 189lbs / 195lbs ) 

Body Fat%: DOWN 6.7%    ( 34.5  / 27.8 )

Hips: LOST 3 Inches          ( 42 / 39 ) 

Waist: LOST 1.5 Inches      ( 35.5 / 32 ) 



Plank: START 1:02 seconds /  END 2:30

Pushups : START 33 Knees / 25 FULL BODY


"I am VERY happy that I decided to do Plant Power Boot Camp! I have been on a weightloss journey for a while but seemed to have gotten "stuck." My weight and body fat percentage just came to a frustrating halt. I decided to try something different and joined Erika's program. I was very excited about the focuses of the program, particularly on mindset and the nutrition. I now have a better understanding of vegan macros, which has REALLY helped me focus on improved eating habits. Not only have I lost inches, I have gained strength and agility that I have been able to track in the PBBC journal each week -- the proof was there every week! Went from barely being able to do pushups on my knees to full body push-ups, and went heavier with my weight training. The nutrition REALLY helped with my success with those! Learning to eat like an athlete and kick that old "eating too much will make you fat" mentality to the curb! I've learned to eat SMART and I really enjoy it. Being able to check in each week and communicate with other participants is really great too. We all motivate one another and Ercka is a great coach! Honest, knowledgeable and fun! Thank you, Erika. You rock!"  

 Sarah Lamoreaux Snyder

Chrissy started with the Fall 2018 PPBC crew. She is a former professional athlete in snowboarding and made her official transition to a vegan diet with Plant Power Boot Camp. 


She recently completed both the Spring and Summer 2020 sessions. Her ongoing dedication and discipline is motivational to all the new crew that join! 


Kevin started with the Fall 2018 group and is also a member of the current Winter group. He's the perfect example of someone who DOES THE WORK, sets small attainable goals, and has developed the right mindset to overcome obstacles. Congrats on your weight loss, lowering your blood pressure and doing your first 5K!

So happy you are a part of the PPBC crew -you inspire us!


has some badass men who are proving its possible to

drop fat and build muscle on a vegan diet! 

This is my client, Joanne. She was one of my personal in home clients over ten years ago when I lived in Santa Barbara, CA. One day I did a photoshoot at her house for my business.

I love this photo because it captured her doing her very first FULL BODY PUSH-UP!  I'll never forget the look of pure happiness on her face when she realized she had just finally done a "real push-up". 

Ready to GO DEEP and see exactly how my clients got these results? I have zero "secrets" to keep from anyone, clients or my competition. So feel free to read my training manifesto below!

I bring over 15 years of experience to my clients to help them get the results they want.   With the proper education to support my training methods, I am confident in my approach and advise.  

I am very proud of my clients. Their results speak for themselves about the the power of a plant-based diet. 

I strive to present my "rules" to clients from a science-based source. To anyone that doubts my approach, and would like to challenge my training and nutritional recommendations, I would first suggest that you read up on my exercise, nutrition and mindset training methodology by clicking on the box above.


 Plant Power Boot Camp's mission is to transform people's health and wellness through strength and conditioning, plant-based nutrition, and positive mindset training.  We strive to deliver science-based fitness and nutrition programming, to form a strong and supportive community, and to offer a variety of high quality services that will exceed our client's expectations. 

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