In Home Fitness Gear Vlog Review!

Hi everyone! Remember the days ( not too long ago) when dumbbells and weights were sold for about a dollar a pound? Or you could convince your neighbor who had gear sitting in their basement for the last 10 years unused just to give them to you for free? Well, since the quarantine started in March and the gyms closed, demand for in home fitness gear has skyrocketed and so did the prices.

I've always been a huge fan of creating an in home workout space. In fact, for one of my physique competitions, I trained for the first 8 weeks at home with just a simple 80 lb barbell set, stability ball and bands, and I got incredible results. So 8 weeks ago when I relaunched the Vegan Body Challenge I told everyone that all they needed was a couple sets of dumbbells, bands, and a stability ball.

The new Vegan Body Challenge has been running incredibly, but due to the fact that everyone wants to build an in-home gym now, some crew members who had no weights have had a hard time getting the gear. So I decided to scour through amazon ( ummm, and I will admit that in my desperation I even got caught in the WISH trap. Please people, whatever you do, DO NOT ever order anything from WISH, ever. I placed an order. They acted like the product was going to ship for 3 weeks. Then finally I was told it is "out of stock", and that my refund would take 2-4 weeks to process. I mean, I should have known better but like I said I was desperate.)

Enjoy my video review. I hope you find it helpful!

In Health,

Coach Erika


Barbell Set:

I placed my order on May 25th. It arrived June 6th. ( said June 10-16th arrival ) I was very pleased with the free shipping time. This company also has a dumbbell set which I also highly recommend.

YAHEETECH 55lb Olympic Barbell Dumbbell Weight Set Gym Lifting Exercise Workout Olympic Bar Curl Bar

by Yaheetech

Learn more:

Ankle Weight:

The Cuff Original Adjustable Ankle and Wrist Weight for Yoga, Dance, Running, Cardio, Aerobics, Toning, and Physical Therapy. 10 lb - Brown

More information:

Thera Band:

TheraBand Resistance Tubes with Soft Handles & Door Anchor, Professional Latex Elastic Tubing for Physical Therapy, Pilates, at-Home Workouts, Rehab, 48 in


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Booty Bands:

Walito Resistance Bands for Legs and Butt,Exercise Bands Set Booty Bands Hip Bands Wide Workout Bands Sports Fitness Bands Resistance Loops Band Anti Slip Elastic (Set 3)

by chehuhui

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