Corporate Wellness

Build the bonds of teamwork for your employees by hosting an exciting and fun motivational fitness team building event! People that move together as a team, will work together as a team.  A great option is to host an indoor or outdoor bootcamp challenge for your employees either before or after work once a month! Nutrition chat optional. Email for more info. 

Public Speaking

Topic #1: Activism through Athleticism. Unlocking your inner athlete and realizing your training potential on a vegan diet.

Erika speaks from her experience in competing at bodybuilding shows and being a part of Farm Sanctuary Triathlon Team transformed her voice as an advocate for animal rights.  This inspirational talk teaches the audience about the history of veganism in athletics, dives into the science behind how plant-based nutrition gives you an upper hand in athleticism, and more importatly motivates each audience member to consider how they can become a vegan activist

 though their own fitness training. 

Topic #2: Optimal Sports Performance on a Plant-based diet

In this nutrition seminar Erika teaches the basics of nutrition with a fun and interactive approach.  Each person will leave this talk with the ability to calculate their BMR ( basal metabolic rate ), TDEE ( total daily energy expenditure) , and their macronutrient

(protein/ fat/ carb) ratios according to the RDA nutritional guidelines. Everyone will gain a clear understanding of where they get their protein from, why carbohydrates are your best friend, and the essential role healthy fats play in your health.  By examining the science behind an anti-inflammatory plant-based diet, each athlete will gain the inflammatory why this diet will give them the nutritional advantage to trainer smarter, not just harder.  Sample meal plans and recipes are provided.  



 Plant Power Boot Camp's mission is to transform people's health and wellness through strength and conditioning, plant-based nutrition, and positive mindset training.  We strive to deliver science-based fitness and nutrition programming, to form a strong and supportive community, and to offer a variety of high quality services that will exceed our client's expectations. 

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