Step 1: Fill out the application form and schedule your consultation call.​

Step 2: Decide on the length of your coaching program

Step 3: Fill out Onboarding Health and Fitness Assessment

Step 4: Get set up in the Virtual Training App 

Step 5: Coach Erika begins to write your personalized programing. This usually takes about a week.

Step 7: Schedule your first Private Zoom Session " Kickoff Session"

Step 8: Begin the training process

Step 9: Send your weekly check in to Coach Erika every Friday.

Steo 10: You will receive program modifications and updates as needed by Saturday night 


  • Full VIP Communication with Coach Erika via the Vegan Fit App

  • Onboarding Health & Wellness Assessment ( $250 )

  • Personalized Macronutrient, BMR, TDEE Calculations ( $250 )

  • Personalized Supplement Assessment & Training Game Plan ( $100 ) 

  • Nutritional Journal Reviews in My Fitness Pal Bi-Weekly ( $100 )

  • Personalized Habit Tracking via the Vegan Fit App ( $50 )

  • Month to Month Strength Training Programs w/ modifications as needed ( $250 )

  • Monthly Private Zoom Training 1-1.5 hours ( $150 )


1. Daily Text messaging access via The Vegan Fit App

2. Personalized Coaching Video Responses via the Vegan Fit App

3. For every month of training completed, you receive one Virtual Private Training Sessions to book at your convenience. Most clients chose to do their session at the end of each month.

How Much Does Elite Coaching Cost? 


1 MONTH Coaching Package: $500*

The first month costs the most because as a new client you will need to receive more of my time and attention. The first month is very "hands on". As a VIP client, meticulous detail is given to your health & wellness assessment, fitness, nutrition and mindset programming. Furthermore, I spend extra time establish a solid client/ coaching relationship because that bond is what creates a strong foundation for success.  


3 MONTH Coaching Package = $1,050.00*

That equals $350 a month

A split payment option for months 2 & 3 is available


Clients who continue on with consecutive 1-to-1 online coaching after 3 months pay a rate of $100 a month. 

6 MONTH coaching package paid in full = $1,350.00*

That equals $225 a month. 

The industry average for online personal training is $250 a month. 

12 Month Coaching Package Paid in full = 1,950.00*

That is only $162 a month. 

The industry average for online personal training is $250 a month.


I'm not sure I can afford the cost of Elite Coaching.

OPTION 1 Check out the Vegan Fit Challenge! Many prospective 1-to-1 clients thrive in the 6-week Vegan Fit Challenge group training program. I keep it capped at a very reasonable amount of participants so you receive individual attention within a group setting. It will sell out, so if you have any questions let me know asap and we can get you signed up for the next one. As a member of the Vegan Fit Challenge, you will receive a code get 30% off all "a la carte" 1-to-1 services. Adding on any one of these services can get the personalized attention to better reach your goals according to your budget.  "A la carte" services offered; private zoom sessions, personalized nutrition and fitness plans.


Choose from our A-la-Carte Menu Services* :

  • Private Virtual Training Session | 1 hour | $100

  • Personalized Nutrition Plan Including Macros | 4 week program | $250

  • Personalized Strength Training Plan | 4 week program | $250

* A-la-Carte options do not include VIP client/ coaching communication

* Prices do not include paypal transaction fees.


After we receive your application, please book a complimentary coaching phone call. The more information you can provide in your application, the better we will be able to discuss your potential game plan, and get you started in a personalized training program right away! 

Nothing to book at the moment

Consultation Call

I like to get right down to business on a consultation calls.  Our call starts by reviewing your application answers point by point. Next I explain a "game plan". I will discuss program length, how much accountability you will need and the best plan to invest in based on the information you provided in your application. During our chat I won't go into specific training or nutrition programming advice. This is not a hard sell phone call, no pressure to purchase a plan, but I will be direct and ask if you want to start today! I know that hiring a personal trainer is a big investment. I'm here to help answer any questions you might have and to make the right choice. 


What types of clients do best with 1-to-1 training?

High level athletes, or people training for a competitive event that need constant daily customized coaching to prepare for the event, and to have a support system in place for after the event. 

I am training for an Ironman ( or marathon / triathlon) and I already have an athletic coach, but I just need a plant-based nutrition coach. Can you do only nutritional coaching for me?


YES!  Nutrition is a huge part of your ability to be the best you can be on race day. If your day to day nutrition is "off" during your endurance training phase, then you are simply not going to be hitting your max during your daily training and come race day you will not be at your ultimate peak. You can spend 5K on fancy bike, and thousands on gear, but what good is it going to do you if YOU can not use your energy & power to the best of your ability? Invest in your nutrition plan! It truly will be a game changer for you. Side note: John Joseph's Ironman PR was on the race that he actually listened to all my nutritional coaching advice for the two months leading up to race day. 

Does the cost of Elite Coaching change if I am only doing Plant-based Nutritional Coaching?

The cost of working with Coach Erika 1-to-1 remains the same whether you are receiving nutritional coaching and strength training programming, or just nutritional coaching. The amount of time and energy dedicated to writing programs and holding coaching sessions is the same for both. 

I would like to train for a bodybuilding show, will you coach me?


I will coach you for a figure / physique / bikini bodybuilding show only if you; 1. have competed in at least 1 show before. 2. You are 15 lbs or less away from your stage weight. 3. You do not have an active eating disorder. 4. You are a least 16 weeks out from the show date. 5. You are vegan. 6. You are not a certified personal trainer. 

Do you still offer private 1-to-1 personal training sessions for people who live in NYC?


Short answer, yes. Please contact me directly. Write NYC TRAINING in the subject line. 

I live in NYC and I would like to train with you in person. However, I am a very busy professional and I can only train in person once a week.  I would like to also do online training and have day to day contact with you for motivation, accountability, workouts and nutritional programming.

Great! You will need a style of training that the industry is turning to more and more. It is called "hybrid training".   Please contact me directly and write HYBRID TRAINING in the subject line.  

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