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Erika Mitchener has over 15 years of coaching experience in the health and fitness industry. Her specializations include strength and conditioning training, martial arts, and vegan nutrition coaching.

Her coaching style is a blend of tough love balanced with just the right amount of hand holding.  Her coaching mantra is "energize, empower, evolve". 

Erika became a certified Plant-based Nutriton Coach with Cornell University in 2012.  She coaches with both men and women, athletes to everyday gym heros, to reach their goals on a whole food plant based diet.  Erika's nutritional coaching philosophy is to help each client find their blend between prescriptive and intuitive eating, and to promote a 'progress over perfection' attitude. 

Erika is a life long martial artist and began her studies at the age of 12. She holds the rank of black belt in both karate and ju-jitsu, and has experience in judo, kubudo and tai chi.  In her 30s Erika successfully competed in five bodybuilding physique competitions, nationally qualifing in the NPC bikini division. Erika proudly competed in the NYC Triathlon 2017 & 2018 with Team Farm Sanctuary. The discipline and dedication she expects of her clients, she expects of herself. 


The mission of Plant Power Boot Camp is to help people live healthier and happier lives through strength training, plant-based nutrition, and positive mindset training in a supportive and interactive 6-week online group training program. 


We believe that through the power of a nutrient dense plant-based diet combined with exercise, you will lose weight, gain strength and become healthy from the inside, out. 


The ultimate vision of Plant Power Boot Camp is to become a household name for people who are ready to take charge of their health through the power of plant-based nutrition and exercise.

WELCOME! My name is Erika Mitchener and I'm the founder of Plant Power Boot Camp.


Plant Power Boot Camp is  an 8 week systematic nutrition and exercise program for men and women, beginners to athletes. This boot camp is not just about following a workout plan it is equally about nutrition – plant powered nutrition!


I became a certified personal trainer in 2007, and in 2009 I started my own fitness company with the mission to help each client reach their untapped potential and optimal health though a holistic approach to fitness, nutrition and mindset coaching. 


After a few years of training clients I realized I was spending twice as much time behind the scenes writing up my client’s nutrition plans in order to get real results. But there was a problem, I have been a vegetarian over half of my life, yet I was not presenting that as a healthy option to my clients.  I just was not confident enough to take that stance and my clients felt the disconnect.


In early 2011 after watching the groundbreaking documentary Forks Over Knives everything became connected. I was blown away at the power a whole food plant-based diet had to prevent and reverse disease. I immediately decided to make the plant-based nutrition philosophy the cornerstone my personal training approach.

In 2012 earned my certification in plant-based nutrition from eCornell and the T.Collin Cambell Institute. I gained the knowledge and expertise I needed to confidently coach my clients on a plant-based diet and help them not only get them to look better on the outside but to fundamentally change their health from the inside in order to prevent and reverse diseases like diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease and stroke.

Thanks to Forks Over Knives I found my niche market, aligned my personal and professional morals, and with a new niche market business grew steadily. 


So now the good news is that I am consistently busy as a fitness professional in NYC.  However, the bad news is that if I continue to follow the 1- to -1 training business model (for both my online and in person training packages) I will never help the amount of people I want to. Running around this giant city with early morning and late night clients is spreading me too thin and burn out is inevitable. This is a problem. 

The second problem I've encountered as a 1 to 1 coach is how to effectively track my clients progress. When I started as a trainer we all still had flip phones. No one knew what an app was.  We had to write down everything and my clients kept a journal that I checked. I have gotten away from that, reyling on fancy personal trainer tracking apps, and or receiving cryptic text pictures and emails of meals and workouts, and I have found that to be a mistake. So to solve that problem, I created a the Plant Power Boot Camp 12 week journal, where you are prompted everyday to keep track of your eating and exercise habits, and a weekly check in page. I cant not stress enough to my clients to WRITE IT DOWN & REACH YOUR GOALS!

With your help I know that I can grow Plant-Based Boot Camp from only being able to coach a small amount of clients NYC to building a large worldwide plant powered health and fitness community!


PLANT BASED BOOT CAMP is the future of fitness!